Why did I do it this way

Why Open Source

Because this program can collect a lot of data from different sources, and I think the user wants to know what is being sent to where. Open source allows you to control the behavior of the program.

Why is file storage used instead of a DBMS

GazerNode is a relatively simple system designed to painlessly organize and manage data collection. Its philosophy is a thing in itself. There are many other systems on the market for organizing complex monitoring systems at the enterprise level.

Why own graphics library

Existing graphics libraries carry many dependencies. I've tried many of them. Licensing, linking to components and runtimes. I wanted to have one executable that could be easily portable.

Why GoLang

I fell in love with this language as soon as I started learning it. Before that, I had a lot of experience using C++. More specific:
  • One executable file without dependencies
  • Simplicity so you can focus on the task
  • Easy dependency management
  • C like syntax